Slave Hypnosis and Hypnotic Slaves

Why lead an unhappy hum drum life when Slave Training with Hypnosis is so easy to do?

The truth is you can use Pleasure Training to teach ANY slave or submissive to enhance their bodies Pleasure and enjoy being submissive to you.

 It can be done quickly and easily with pleasure training not pain.      

Pleasure Training is at its core Hypnosis but it enhances the pleasure the mind and body feels.

It causes a bond with the person to strong enough that they will willingly do what pleases YOU.

They in turn get massive pleasure from pleasing You!

Can you learn Pleasure training in a few days having your slave trained for you and YOU trained in your role as either the Master or the Slave.

Yes hypnosis Slave Training is that easy to learn.

We teach the slave how to be comfortable and be HAPPY being a hot sexy slave.

We train the Master to be comfortable with the power they have and become the Master the slave needs!

We teach Total Power transfer using the Pleasure Training techniques.

Imagine what a person would do for you if they felt completely fulfilled mentally, emotionally, and sexually simply by doing whatever it takes to please you?

Stop and think of that now. Imagine a life with some one who loved doing whatever pleased you because they felt totally happy and fulfilled doing it.

If that is what you want then you need to experience Pleasure Training and pleasure conditioning!

If you want that kind of lifestyle and you have a partner that is willing to learn then I can train them for you and simply turn over the keys to you.

Imagine simply getting a tune up on the (willing) slave of your choice do the tune you would do if you had the time and knowledge to do and then let you have the fun of driving the fast cars!

This is an easy thing to do with a willing partner because people are hard wired to for it.


  • Women in general are hard wired to be submissive.
  • Men can be trained as well   
  • Trans-sexuals can be trained to be submissive
  • Trans-sexuals partners can be trained to be ok with the changes their partner is experiencing
  • Bdsm slave training is slow and unreliable even using hypnosis bdsm training does not have the fantastically fast results of pleasure training.

Our Goal is to teach people HOW to use Pleasure Training in a safe and VERY pleasant way   and achieve your goals and your partners goals and happiness at the same time.      

Our Goal is to teach both the Master and the slave what their roles are and how to love doing them and receive more happiness and pleasure than they have ever dreamed possible.

A Master or Dom can use post-hypnotic suggestions to simulate bondage and secure the slave better and with more fun for both with no ropes necessary.

Give them incredible sustained orgasm on command or many other delightful pleasures or bring them to the edge and hold them there as long as you want.

It happens just on YOUR voice command or can be triggered in other ways.

Trust me in that there are few pleasures in life that can even approach the total climax you can give a Hypnotic Slave for pleasing you or just giving her one and having her continue to perform her duties as her body is wracked with the most spectacular orgasm she can imagine.

If you want to experience the Ultimate pleasure of Total Power Transfer Using Hypnosis to train a slave or submissive then contact us on our contact page and begin realizing the things in your life that have only been fantasies before.

We are based in Dallas but we do travel and are interested in teaching Both Master and Slave how to use slave hypnosis to give both the pleasure and happiness you both deserve.

The service is very economical considering the lifetime of pleasure you both will obtain. 

Also consider the cost of a divorce from NOT giving the submissive what they truly NEED!












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